Imogen shines in Taunton

At the recent National Youth Brass Band course held in Taunton, our Solo Baritone player Imogen Fewster participated in the prestigious Harry Mortimer solo competition. This sees all the section winners of the Katie Ogden solo competition held in the spring course compete against each other. As you will appreciate this is a competition held between players who really are at the top of their game.

Imogen chose to play the Baritone Concerto by Martin Ellerby, a fiendishly difficult piece that demonstrates just how good a player we have in the band. Sadly she missed out on the top spot in the contest, but you will agree this is a stunning performance.

Imogen was once again successful in her audition for the solo baritone seat in the NYBBGB in what is the band’s 70th anniversary year. During the course the band worked with renowned trumpeter Louis Dowdeswell and performed the premiere of a specially commissioned piece, Hyperlink from the pen of Peter Graham. Hyperlink will be the test piece for the forthcoming National Championships held at the Albert Hall in October

Imogen with the other principal players at the NYBBGB Summer 2022 course

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