A Piggin’ (no G) great night out!

Hot on the heels (or should that be trotters! ) of our marvellous Parliament Street performances on the afternoon of July 1st , the Band organisation held a pig racing evening at Acomb Conservative Club to raise money for the many contesting ventures that we are undertaking 2017.

And what a great evening it was!The club was packed with band members, band supporters and club members all keen to have a little flutter on the piggies.

Dave Cussons, The Pig Man, was our genial host for the evening and he made sure that everyone understood how the betting and racing worked and ensured that everyone had a really good time.I think the sight of Richard Wilton jumping up and down, cheering on the piggies he had backed will live long in our memories.

A special mention must go to Kim and Shane for the lovely pie and pea supper they provided.

All in all a fantastic evening!If you weren’t there you missed a treat and we managed to raise a whopping £732 for band funds.

Thank you all who sponsored races, bought pigs and turned up on the evening. We are certainly looking to organise a similar evening for next year.

I bet Mike still lost!

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