Youth Band tour to Disneyland Paris

The Shepherd Group Youth Band have completed their second successive tour, this time to world famous Disneyland, Paris. Throughout 2018 and in to 2019 the band worked exceptionally hard organising fundraising events, sponsorship, and concerts to help get them to their destination.

The band embarked on the 12 hour journey early on 23rd February, taking coach then ferry to their accommodation just outside the Disneyland park, they were even greeted by a sneak peek of the firework show as they checked in to the hotel.

The following day started with a trip to Montmarte, taking in stunning views of Paris, a guided tour pointing out local history, a visit to Sacre Coeur, and plenty of Crepes. Then it was on to the first of two concerts. The weather, audience, and atmosphere at the Luxemburg Gardens was top notch and the band entertained a crowd of around 500 people with a set consisting of pieces such as the theme from Game of Thrones,
Eye of The Tiger and Alan Fernie’s Prismatic Light. We then headed across the river for an unmissable trip to the Eifel Tower before heading back to the hotel.

Our final day was the one we were most excited about, we had an early breakfast and headed to the Disneyland park. We were shown straight to our dressing rooms, given a backstage tour of the stage area, and then taken front of house in our performance venue – The Videopolis Stage. What a venue! The thousand seater auditorium was such an impressive space and the band’s excitement was building. Our performance coordinator took us to the best spot in the park for photos before getting changed and preparing to perform. We met the technical and stage managers who talked us through our performance, then began our rehearsal and sound check. After a short break it was then time to play, with the band giving a stellar 20 minute performance, representing themselves, the Shepherd Group, and York in immaculate fashion. Still riding high from the performance the members then had the rest of the day to explore the park, visit the attractions, and ride as many rollercoasters as possible!

The trip was a complete success and each member contributed towards an unforgettable experience. The band have moved from strength to strength and continue to build and develop. They are now looking forward to a busy year of concerts and contests, starting with a sold out concert only next week!

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