Bolsover Success

Shepherd Group Band were very pleased to take third place at the recent Bolsover Festival of Brass. This is an incredibly popular entertainment contest which is streamed live over the internet, reaching audiences in thirty-two countries and over three-hundred and sixty towns and cities.

Competing in the Championship Section, the band’s programme followed a Folk Song inspired set, starting with the beautifully choreographed Norwegian Folk song, Gøta, before bursting into a energetically charged romp through a Russian folk festival. The band’s soloist for the day was principal Cornetist, Andy Novell, who impressed with his lyrical treatment of Pater Noster. The energetic Molly’s Wake was next, before the band’s vocal talents were at the forefront of the wonderful Knut Liten Og Sylvelin finale.

Adjudicator Steven Mead summed up his comments on the performance as, “I like the way your programme has a connected theme, it’s a strong approach to programme building. Thank you for this enjoyable and well conceived programme, your audiences will love it!”

Happy bunch!

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