100 Club

Want to be a future winner then join the Shepherd Group Brass Band “100 Club”, raise money for the band and possibly win some for yourself!

The Shepherd Group Brass Band “100 Club” is a monthly prize draw which gives back half of it’s income in prize money each month. All parents, guardians, friends, neighbours and supporters of the band over the age of 16 are eligible to join.

The more members that we recruit  the bigger the prize money and the bigger the donation to the Shepherd Group Brass Bands.

The 100 Club helps raise funds for the Shepherd Group Brass Band and helped to benefit members of ALL the bands. We intend that the extra funds raised by the 100 Club will be used for things such as new instruments or a larger music budget.

The draw will take place at whichever band’s rehearsal falls closest to the last day of the month, using a random number generator.

Winners will be notified by email and names will also be published on the “100 Club” pages of this website.

We will be offering an online means of joining the 100 Club very soon, keep checking back for details

The 100 Club winner for February 2023 was Penelope Fewster.